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Help! My Cat is a Picky Eater! How to Know if Your Pet is Getting the Right Nutrients

As a cat owner, you naturally want what’s best for your beloved feline. That includes not only their emotional health and making sure they’re happy, but their physical health as well. At the root of a cat’s physical health are the nutrients they receive every day. Pet owners often question if they’re feeding their cats the right type of food and if they’re eating enough—especially since cats tend to be picky eaters. These are excellent questions that every cat owner should be asking to ensure the health and longevity of their feline companion.

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Help Your Pet With “The Back to School Blues”

Help Your Pet Get Gold Star Behavior When You Head Back To School

Summer Vacation is starting to come to an end. Your house may be bustling with back-to-school energy, and your pets will notice. They may not know exactly what you are preparing for, but they feel the change coming. Not only are you learning a new schedule as you head back to class, but your pet will be as well. Here is some information to help you and your pet avoid the "Back to School Blues."

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Is Your Dog Acting Up? Conquer Boredom With These 5 Tips

Dogs are among the most social pets, in stark contrast to cats which typically prefer quiet solitude. Dogs thrive in environments that nurture their need for activity and companionship and develop deep connections with owners who return their affection and match their playfulness.

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Air Quality and Animals: How Wildfire Smoke Affects Your Pets

The past few years have seen an alarming increase in the frequency and intensity of wildfires, notably in areas such as the Western United States, Australia, and parts of Europe. While the devastating effects of these fires on human life and the environment are widely discussed, an often-underestimated issue is the impact they have on our beloved pets and their health.

The good news is that many of the precautions we take for ourselves will also apply to our pets!

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