Start 2015 On The Right Paw!

The New Year is coming up, and everyone is getting their most important yearly tradition ready: New Year’s Resolutions!
Here are a few simple resolutions and some New Year’s Eve safety tips that can help keep your pet happy and healthy as they dive into 2015!
New Year’s Eve Resolutions
Schedule A Date With Your VetSince our pets cannot talk to us and tell us what is wrong or what hurts, regular visits to the vet are a key component of good preventive care. We recommend yearly physical exams for pets between the ages of 1-7 years old. However, senior pets, over the age of 7 years, and pets with medical issues may need to be seen more frequently, as these pets may require diet changes, supplements, and/or medication. Veterinary visits are also the perfect time to ask for advice, renew flea and tick preventatives, or get an expert opinion on any behavioral issues that may be affecting your bonding with your pet.1
Keep Those Teeth Clean! – According to veterinary dental studies, 70-85% of companion animals over the age of 3, have periodontal disease. Keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy by committing to daily toothbrushing. If your pet isn’t fond of the toothbrush, ask us about other ways to care for your pet’s teeth. You can also stop by one of our free monthly dental seminars to learn toothbrushing techniques and other helpful dental care information.
Say ‘NO’ to pesky parasites – Fleas, ticks, and other parasites carry diseases that can cause illness for your pets and even for your family! Fleas can transmit parasites that can result in gastrointestinal symptoms and other illnesses for your pet. Terrible ticks can carry diseases, which, in some cases, can be quite serious. Prevention is the key to keeping your furry friend safe from these pesky parasites! A yearly fecal test is recommended, in all healthy pets, to screen for intestinal parasites.
Start Weight Loss At Home – If you are committing to your pet’s healthier lifestyle, don’t feel guilty about spoiling them less with food treats. Try putting some (or all) of your pet’s dry food into a treat dispenser, like the KONG Cat Wobbler or the Dogit Go Slow Dog Bowl. Make sure you are feeding your pets the appropriate type and amount of food for his age and weight.
Get Moving! – Buy or make interactive toys, instead of reaching for that bag of treats. Focus on items that will get your cat moving, like a laser pointer or a feather on a stick. Get out the leash and take your pup for a quick, 20 minute walk in the backyard, or even around the house! Just remember to keep your pet up-to-date on their flea and tick prevention to avoid bringing home pesky critters!
New Year’s Eve Safety Tips
Microchip – Microchip or tag your pet. Loud noises from New Year’s festivities can cause pets to become spooked and run off.
Tire ‘Em Out – Take your pet for an extra long walk during the day so pets can sleep through the festivities


No Party Pets – Keep pets away from party foods and drinks – especially alcohol! When ingested, alcohol can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar, blood pressure, and body temperature.


Peace & Quiet – Fireworks and other loud noises are frightening to pets. Keep them in a quiet area with plenty of water, toys, and treats to keep them occupied.