Scaredy Cats & Curious Canines: Your Guide to a Safe Halloween

No tricks, no treats:
To ensure a healthy, vet-free night, keep a close eye on your candy bowl and a closer eye on your fluffy friends. Chocolate – especially dark or baking chocolate – cane be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Xylitol – a common artificial sweetener found in most sugar-free candies and gums – can also be harmful for your pets.

Night on the Town:
If you’re thinking about taking your pet out trick-or-treating- keep this in mind: a pet that is out with trick-or-treaters may become spooked by the costumes, noises, and smells; which could cause him or her to run off and get lost. If you are planning to take your dog along, make sure you keep them on a short leash and always make sure your pet has proper identification. If your pet were to escape and become lost, a collar with tags and/or a microchip can increase the chances of he or she being returned to you.

Cat-chievous Madness:

During this night of mischief and pranks, cats often becoming unwilling participants. If your cat is an indoor-outdoor cat, keep him or her safe by creating a safe haven indoors and giving your cat something to distract him or her from all the outdoor festivities and noises. Try confining your cat to an area in your home, and entertain with some tranquil music and fun toys. Spray a little Feliway on your cat’s bedding, or plug in a Feliway diffuser to create an even more soothing environment.

How to celebrate Halloween with your pet?
Include you pet in the festivities by giving him or her goodies that are made especially for their species, like dog biscuits or cat treats. Another great way to celebrate is to dress your pet -there’s nothing more adorable than a ‘hot’ dog or a witch cat! Crank up your creativity by home-making Halloween-themed treats and fun costumes – and remember if you do dress your pet, make sure the costume fits properly and is comfortable.