Introducing the Rau Cares App for iPhone and Android!

Now you can connect with Rau Animal Hospital anytime, anywhere – right from your phone! Available for iPhone and Android, the new Rau Cares app provides you with scheduling features, emergency contact information, promotions, reminder notifications, a social media portal, photo sharing, and much more. Connecting with us has never been easier or more convenient! 

Main Menu
The main menu allows you to easily navigate your way around our app. In the event of an emergency, simply tap ‘Pet Emergency’ to call Rau for immediate assistance.

Clinic Information
Visit the Clinic Information page to quickly and easily:
  • Contact Rau via phone or email
  • Get directions to Rau from your current location
  • Schedule veterinary visits
  • Schedule grooming appointments
  • Order medication refills 
  • Order pet food
  • Make boarding reservations
  • View our business hours
  • Visit our website
  • Call 24 hour emergency veterinary hospitals 
  • Access your Pet Portal
  • Set auto-fill settings for faster appointment & refill requests

Booking Appointments
Tap the Appointments button to select the type of appointment you’d like to schedule. 

Then request a preferred date and time for your appointment, and an alternative date in case your first choice is unavailable. Once you submit your request, a Rau receptionist will call you to confirm your appointment. 

Please note that we only offer grooming appointments to current patients who are up to date on their vaccines. If you are a new client, you will be asked to schedule a physical exam prior to your grooming appointment. 

Ordering Medication and Pet Food

Refilling prescriptions and ordering pet food has never been easier! Simply tap the ‘Order Rx’ button and list your requests on the order form page. 

Our staff will be happy to fill your prescription provided your pet is a current patient who has seen one of our vets within the last year.  Please request your medication refill at least 3 hours prior to your desired pickup time. Medications requested after 7:00 pm on weekdays or 1:00 pm on Saturdays will be available the following business day. 

Boarding Requests
Going on vacation? Tap the ‘Boarding Info’ button to make a boarding reservation for your pet. Once you submit your request, a Rau receptionist will call to confirm your reservation. Boarding services are available to current and recently vaccinated Rau patients. Boarding space tends to fill up quickly, particularly during the summer and major holidays. We recommend reserving a space for your pet as far in advance as possible.  

Additional Features
From the Clinic Information page, you can also quickly visit our website, view our business hours, access your Pet Portal, and easily contact 24 hour emergency hospitals in the event of an after hours emergency. 

Social Networks
We are more than just a veterinary hospital. We are people who love animals as much as you do, and we love to interact with our clients beyond the exam room. Our social media portal allows you to easily view all of Rau’s social media accounts in one place. Use the Rau mobile app to conveniently connect with us through social media to share photos of your pets, see what’s happening at Rau behind the scenes, stay up to date on the latest news and promotions, interact with us through comments and discussions, and participate in contests and giveaways!

Pet Pix
Don’t forget to visit the Pet Pix page to share fun photos of your pet with your friends and family. Save them to your phone, upload them to Facebook, pin them to a Pinterest board, or share them on Twitter – right from our app! You also have the option to send your photos to us so we can post them to our Facebook page.  


Download our app in iTunes and Google Play to see the exciting new way you are able to connect with our veterinary team!