The Importance of Wellness Dentistry

by Vickie Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry), CVJ
A Rau client is the proud owner of a 2 year old Siamese, named Thai.  While Thai is a fabulous feline, he will not allow his owner to brush his teeth.
Thai before Wellness Dentistry
By his first birthday, Thai had accumulated a significant amount of dental tartar.  Thai’s veterinarian recommended a COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Therapy), which included a full mouth X-ray series.  This procedure cost the owner approximately $460.  By the age of two, it was noted on Thai’s physical examination, that his teeth had accumulated a fair amount of tartar.  Thai’s veterinarian, Dr. Kirchhoffer, explained that the tartar would create disease in the mouth, such as: gingivitis and periodontitis.  Therefore, a Wellness Dentistry was recommended.
Thai after Wellness Dentistry
A Wellness Dentistry is a procedure that involves a cleaning and assessment, without full mouth intraoral radiographs (x-rays).  The same standard of care is utilized to safeguard your pet.  We provide a dedicated anesthetist, an IV catheter and fluids, and a professional cleaning under general anesthesia.  However, the radiographs are only repeated if a problem is noted.  Thai’s Wellness Dentistry required 20 minutes for our team to clean and chart his mouth.  This procedure cost the owner approximately $220.  
Rau Animal Hospital veterinarians emphasize the importance and the overall health benefits of a healthy mouth.  Wellness Dentistries are designed to be more affordable for our clients, while maintaining a high level of dental service for your pets. Some owners may hesitate due to possible anesthetic risks.  In reality, the shortest anesthetic procedures are the safest for your pet.
Wellness Dentistries are applicable for pets 3 years old or less, with healthy mouths or for pets who have had a recent dental procedure. Ask your veterinarian today, if YOUR pet is a candidate for a Wellness Dentistry!