Halloween Costume Contest 2014

Are you ready for another wickedly fun Halloween Costume Contest? We sure are!
Scary, Silly, Cute, or Spooky – we want to see your pet rocking his or her Halloween costume! 
How to Enter:
Winner of the 2013 Halloween Costume Contest!
Submit a photo of your pet dressed up in their Halloween costume to mtodd@rauanimalhospital.com to be entered into the Halloween Pet Costume Contest, and we will post your photo to our Facebook page. Contest participants, friends, family, and the general public will be invited to vote for their favorite pet photo.
Be sure to share your pet’s photo on your Facebook page after we post it to encourage your friends and family to boost your pet’s votes. 
We will select a winner on Friday, October 31st and award a “spooktacular” gift basket!

Contest Rules:

1. Email photos of your pet in costume to mtodd@rauanimalhospital.com

2. Please put your pet’s name followed by “Costume Contest” in the subject line of the email (Ex: Fluffy – Costume Contest)

3. You may submit only (1) photo per pet; and photos must be new to the contest (cannot resubmit from a previous contest)

4. Along with the photo, please include a brief description of your pet’s costume. If you are a client, please include how long you’ve been with the hospital and which doctor you typically schedule with. (Ex. Fluffy’s costume is a butterfly; and she has been a client of Dr. Bishop since 2002).

5. Eligible photos will be posted to our Facebook page

6. Encourage your friends and family to “like” your favorite pet costume photo

7. Photo submissions and voting will run until October 30, 2014 (11:59pm EST) and winners will be announced on Halloween!

8. Extra points for creativity!

Need some ideas for your pet’s halloween costume? 
Head over to our Pinterest board for inspiration!