Ask Vickie: OraVet® Dental Hygiene Chews

Q: Are there any treat/chew products that you recommend for dogs?

A: I don't like to dispense random oral products because often pet parents cannot always use these products. But, I have good news! Merial, makers of Frontline Plus and Nexgard, recently developed a once-a-day chewable treat that is designed to clean the teeth and provide a barrier protectant, giving your pet's teeth an extra layer of protection from plaque and tartar. This amazing oral product is called OraVet® Dental Hygiene Chews.

One thing to keep in mind when using this products is that they are not designed to replace toothbrushing ⎯ which will always be our #1 recommendation! Instead, these treats can be used if toothbrushing becomes too difficult or stressful for you and your pet.

Currently, OraVet® Dental Hygiene Chews can be purchased at Rau. You can also purchase a single treat, a 14-day supply, or a 30-day supply. If you have any additional questions about OraVet® Dental Hygiene Chews, feel free to call Rau Animal Hospital at (215) 884-0453; or visit the OraVet® Dental Hygiene Chews website!


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