Thankful Pets

For dedicated and loving pet owners, expressing all of the ways in which you’re thankful for your pet is easy. Even when your pet challenges you as a patient owner, like when kitty jumps on your stomach at 3am or pup gets into some food he’s not supposed to, it’s still a no brainer to realize all of the ways in which you appreciate all of the love and joy your pet brings into your life.

However, since our pets cannot talk, we humans might not always think about how thankful our dogs and cats are for having us to take care of them. To help celebrate the wonderful season of giving thanks, let’s take a look at things from a pet’s perspective and find all of the ways in which they are thankful for having a great, loving, and caring owner like you.

Wellness and Preventive Care

Your pet’s health and well-being are really the most important aspect of their lives. Maintaining their health is truly the key to keeping them happy. By keeping up with all of their veterinary needs you are providing them the best quality of life and ensuring the best chance of enjoying a long, happy life. This includes routine exams, keeping up with their vaccines, as well as keeping up with heartworm and flea and tick prevention. Routine exams are so important because both cats and dogs can be very good at hiding any pain or discomfort they may be experiencing. Wellness care also includes any tests such as heartworm or fecal tests to diagnose any conditions they may have. So for all of this dedication and caring, your pet thanks you!

Fitness and Exercise

Providing your pet the necessary exercise and activity is another huge factor for keeping them healthy and happy. You can probably see your dog’s smile and the excited wagging tail whenever it’s time for a walk or maybe a trip to the dog park. For cats, it may mean a new toy or scratching post. These activities provide the much-needed exercise as well as the mental stimulation needed to stay healthy and prevent boredom.

A woman running with her dog


It’s pretty easy to sense the appreciation your pet has whenever you feed them. But as a thoughtful and caring pet owner, there’s a lot more to it than just putting down some food. Your pet thanks you for all that goes into providing them food. The time and thought you put into providing them the right food in the right amounts is appreciated. This means finding a good quality food that provides the essential nutrition and making sure it’s fed in the appropriate amounts for your pet’s size and age.

Providing the right treats is also an important part of your pet’s nutrition. As a responsible owner, you also keep your pet healthy and safe by keeping away any foods that are dangerous and toxic to them. Your pet thanks you for providing them fresh, clean water and for keeping them from drinking any stagnant water that may not be healthy.


There are many steps you as a pet owner take to ensure the safety of your pet. Pet-proofing your home is a big one. It can take a lot of time and effort to make sure every part of your home is safe for your pet, from keeping knick-knacks and other objects (especially heavy or sharp ones) from being knocked over, to cleaning up wires and cables, to putting latches on garbage cans and cabinet doors. This is their living environment, and it takes some preparation and mindfulness to provide one that protects them from harm.

A cat and a latched gate

Providing your dog with obedience training is another important measure you take to provide safety for your dog. Whether done on your own or with a professional trainer, obedience training establishes the communication between you and your dog to ensure you can maintain control of them with basic commands. These can be very important for your dog when out socializing with humans, cats, or other dogs.

There are other steps you take to provide them safety as well. You check their leash and collar to make sure they are in good shape and functioning properly. You check their tags to make sure they are in good shape, legible, and up to date. Perhaps you had them microchipped as an added measure in the case that they became lost. You make sure the pet carrier for your cat is in good shape, and if you need a crate for your dog you make sure that it’s of the proper size and in good shape, too.


The attention you give your pet brings them much joy, and they are very thankful for it. If your cat is into snuggles, bring it on! Getting pets, some belly rubs, chin scratches, ear scratches…these Give of dog and cat snuggling, ready to watch a show with ownergestures of attention and affection brighten your pet’s day, and they appreciate it. Hanging out with them on the couch or bed (or maybe curled up at your feet if they’re not allowed on the furniture) while you watch television or read a book provides them feelings of comfort, security, and happiness.

On the other hand, some good old playtime creates a great bond between you and your pet. They love to have fun with you.

Let’s All Be Thankful

When it comes right down to it, the special companionship created between you and your pet is really the heart of the matter. The lifetime of love and attention you provide them is what they desire and deserve. And in doing so, you are rewarded with that love reciprocated and a lasting, special relationship with a pet that brings you great joy and happiness.

Like any relationship, there can be some tough times and growing pains. However, these are more than worth the effort because you will learn and grow as a dedicated, caring pet owner, and your pet will learn and grow as well.

Maybe you rescued your pet from a shelter, or maybe you got them from a breeder. Perhaps you wanted a pet for companionship, or maybe you have a family and wanted a family pet. Whatever the story is, that’s your story. And that story is a unique one that has a profound impact on everyone involved. You’ll share that time with a beloved pet that appreciates the life you’ve given them. We can all be thankful for that!


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