Got Coverage? Three Reasons to Consider Pet Insurance

Much like human medicine, veterinary care is in a constant state of evolution. New medical advances are available every day that once were not options for our pets.

Because of these advances, our pets are living longer—and healthier—lives than ever before and pet insurance is becoming more common among owners who are looking for ways to proactively manage pet health care costs.

Pet insurance can help finance unexpected veterinary expenses due to accidents or illness. This includes emergencies, such as fractures, foreign body ingestion or urinary blockages and chronic disease, such as diabetes, cancer and recurrent skin problems.

Why do we recommend pet insurance?

#1 It saves pet owners money. While pet insurance can literally be a lifesaver in an emergency, it is important to consider its financial benefits for chronic problems as well. For example, the cost for a single treatment for an ear infection may seem insignificant, but will add up over time if it is a frequent problem. Having pet insurance on hand can greatly reduce these types of expenses.

#2 It allows veterinarians to provide better care. Pet owners might forgo an annual trip to the veterinarian, decline needed services or be forced to ask for alternatives to care due to finances. Insurance gives pet owners peace of mind knowing they have the resources available to give their pet the care they need and allows veterinarians to provide pets the care they deserve.

#3 It keeps pet owners from having to make urgent decisions based on finances. Unfortunately, emergency trips to the veterinarian are usually associated with intensive care. The support of pet insurance allows pet owners to make decisions with their hearts rather than their wallets and focus on what is most important—the health of their pet.

Want to shop around? Visit Pet Insurance Review, a comprehensive website that allows prospective policyholders to read reviews and view overall ratings of several different pet insurance companies.

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