7 Tips for a Safe Memorial Day with your Pets

Planning to spend Memorial Day with your furry friends?
Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:




1. Keep your Pet Indoors
Fireworks, and other loud noises can cause some pets to become terrified and anxious; which could cause them to break their restraint, or jump a fence in an attempt to find a safe and quiet environment.

2. Never Leave your Pet in a Hot Car
Even if you are running into the grocery store for a “quick second” to get those last-minute ingredients for your famous potato salad, you should never leave your pets inside of a car – not even if the windows are cracked and your car is parked in the shade. It only take 15 minutes for a pet to die from heat stroke.

3. Carry IDs!
Whether you are traveling or not, be sure that your pet is microchipped, or fitted with a collar that has an ID tag containing identifying information, or both. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Provide Plenty of Water
Pets can become dehydrated quicker than you think, so it is very important to provide plenty of fresh water.

5. Keep Alcoholic Drinks Away
Most pet parents know not to give their pets alcoholic beverages; however, alcohol poisoning is very common due to pets eating foods where alcohol can be found such as: unbaked dough containing yeast or rum-soaked cakes.

6. No Table Food
Although it may be tempting to throw a few table scraps into your pet’s bowl, any change in your pet’s diet could result in vomiting and/or diarrhea. Common foods found at BBQs like onions, grapes, avocado, and chocolate are especially toxic to pets.

7. Keep Pets Clear of Matches, Candles, and Fireworks
Before you light up that grill or spark up those bug-zapping candles and festive fireworks, be sure that your pet is out of harms way. Matches, citronella candles, and fireworks are very easy for pets to ingest and are extremely toxic – not to mention, the loud noise of fireworks can cause great stress and fear in pets.

If your pet does have an emergency, Rau Animal Hospital recommends the following emergency clinics:

  • CARES (Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Service) – Langhorne, PA
    • 215-750-2774
  • Metropolitan Veterinary Associates – Morristown, PA
    • 610-666-1050 (M-F 8am-6pm); 610-666-0914 (All other hours)


  • VSEC (Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center) – 2 locations
    • 215-750-7884 (Levittown, PA)
    • 267-800-1950 (Philadelphia, PA)
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