6 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Pet

Happy Earth Day!  Across the nation, people everywhere are pitching in to help celebrate Mother Nature by creating a more sustainable planet. But no celebration is complete without sharing it with your best friend. Here are some fun ways you can celebrate Earth Day (or any day!) with your pet:
Spring Cleaning: Declutter, clean, and organize all those dark corners of your home; and consider giving your local shelters and rescues a call, to see if they are in need of any of your pet’s old bedding, leashes, or toys.
Cook an Eco-Friendly Meal: If you have space, consider growing your own garden of fresh fruits and veggies to add to your pet’s diet. Before using insecticides, research mulching and other garden practices to reduce the amount of chemicals used in your garden. Click here for a list of pet-friendly fruits and vegetables; and remember to always consult with your veterinarian before trying a new recipe for your pet.
Boycott Bottles: Give your pet filtered tap water instead of buying plastic bottled water. For commuting – opt for a BPA-free water bottle to refill; and if you must use a plastic bottle, always recycle!
Go for a Hike: Dogs love being outdoors! Hit the trails with your pup and enjoy nature’s beauty together. Click here for a list of dog-friendly trails in your neighborhood.

Cut Back: Make small changes to reduce your and your pet’s carbon footprints. Walk your dog to the park instead of driving there. Towel dry or air dry your freshly bathed pet, instead of reaching for the blow dryer. Or cut down on paper products by cleaning small messes with rags or recycled paper towels.

Are you and your pet doing something special for Earth Day?
Tell us about it in the comments!