September is Pain Awareness Month! Is Your Pet In Pain? Take Our Survey

September is Pain Awareness Month. Could you recognize signs of pain in your pet?

Our goal this month is to help educate pet parents on identifying signs of pain in their furry friends. Additionally, we will be bringing awareness to pain and different pain management options available to pet.

Please take a minute to complete our survey to determine if your pet is experiencing any pain or discomfort.

1. Does your pet hesitate before jumping onto the bed or couch, or into the car?

2. Does your pet seem stiff or shaky when rising or walking?

3. Does your pet limp after strenuous play or exercise?

4. Does your pet have difficulty squatting to use the bathroom?

5. Does your pet show signs of discomfort, such as whimpering, hiding, inappropriate urination/defecation?

6. Does your pet have difficulty chewing or swallowing food?


If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, your pet may be suffering from pain caused by disease.
Talk to one of our veterinarians today about managing your pet’s pain, or bring this completed survey with you to your pet’s next appointment.


Click here for a printable version of our pain survey. Don’t forget to bring it to your pet’s next appointment!